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ASYRA Scan - Bioenergetic and Regulative Medicine

The Asyra software interface allows the doctor to evaluate the patient's parameters of health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes. The Asyra is loaded with the 20 most commonly used energetic tests. It also allows the doctor to create a virtually unlimited number of specialized tests designed to gather the clinical information that is most valuable for the patients.

The Asyra system is loaded with a library of over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items for rapid evaluation of their potential effectiveness for the patient. Its flexible software further allows the doctor to add a virtually unlimited number of products. The Asyra® System is a fully automated FDA registered hardware and software package that allows Dr. Lelchuk and her staff to evaluate unique aspects of your health.

The human bodies electrical resistance and capacitance values are measured accurately by the Asyra G Tech, and these values have a direct correlation to your health.

The Asyra Pro is the most advanced and flexible bio-energetic screening and treatment device available today.  It indicates the energetic state of internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much more.

The main features of the Asyra include:

  • Probeless and non-invasive

  • Comprehensive health analysis in under five minutes
  • Fully customizable tests
  • Imprint your own remedies
  • Advanced, clear and easy-to-use software
  • Add your preferred supplements

Only five minutes testing with the Asyra Pro can form the basis of an in-depth consultation.