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Weight Loss Program

A Word About HCG

The use of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the treatment of obesity was first discovered by the late British physician Dr. A. T. W. Simeons. He first published a report on the topic in 1954, while practicing in Rome, Italy.  He devoted  about 20 years to researching various patients suffering from obesity. During this time, Dr. Simeons noticed that none of his patients had headaches, hunger pains, or weakness as long as their low-calorie diet was combined with HCG.

Throughout his research, Dr. Simeons noted how patients lost significant amounts of weight while their bodies reshaped naturally - without exercise or effort.  This led him to discover that patients lost more fat tissue directly from adipose tissue accumulations. This provides many benefits, like reshaping the body and resolving many health issues.

HCG Cookbook

Dr. Lelchuk has put together a number of recipes that will be very helpful while you are on the HCG regiment.  You'll be amazed how tasty these low-calorie dishes can be! You will have options from kung pao chicken to rosemary garlic steak to strawberry sorbet.

Click here to download the HCG recipes.

To read more about Dr. Simeons' research, you can download his treatise, "Pounds and Inches" (PDF).

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