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Weight Loss Program

The most recent and popular innovation offered in the office is the HealthWay Medical Weight Loss Program. Obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States, and accounts for more deaths every year than cancer, AIDS and accidents combined. After thoroughly studying this weight loss system, Dr. Lelchuk put herself and her family through the program with great results: she lost 65 pounds and 10 dress sizes,  and her mother lost 95 pounds in a matter of a few months.

Patients lose weight safely, under physician supervision, and are able to maintain the weight after the completion of the program. Patients are seeing great health benefits, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure, decreased heartburn, detoxification and much improved diabetes. In fact, several diabetic patients were able to stop insulin after a few weeks and continue to have well-controlled sugar on the diet.

At your initial metabolic visit, you will receive:

  • A personal metabolic evaluation
  • Comprehensive history and physical exam
  • Comprehensive body composition analysis
  • Laboratory evaluation blood tests

After the first procedures are complete, the next steps are:

  • 30 day supply of prescription sublingual pharmaceutical HCG
  • 60 day supply of natural supplements and homeopathic medication:
    - digestive coenzyme with probiotics
    - homeopathic remedy for constipation
    - CoCo-Pro (a chocolate super-food)
    - coenzyme or ubichinon (homeopathic remedy)

After your lab work is reviewed, you will be offered a choice of natural supplements and homeopathic remedies, if necessary.

For example:

  • Choleste-Pro for elevated lipid levels
  • Vitamin D (if there is a deficiency)
  • Detox Kit for cleansing the body 

You might also consider adding Stevia to your personal HCG program to sweeten your beverages or food.  We have put together a number of delicious recipes that use Stevia instead of sugar. Click here to download the Stevia drink recipes.

HCG Cookbook

Dr. Lelchuk has put together a number of recipes that will be very helpful while you are on the HCG regiment.  You'll be amazed how tasty these low-calorie dishes can be! You will have options from kung pao chicken to rosemary garlic steak to strawberry sorbet.

Click here to download the HCG recipes.

To read more about Dr. Simeons' research, you can download his treatise, "Pounds and Inches" (PDF). This document requires the free Adobe Reader. Please visit to install it.
Aromatherapy Diet Pen

We also offer an aromatherapy diet pen which decreases food cravings and promotes your success. The aromatherapy pen is a simple, portable way to curb your appetite and to make better food choices.
The mixture of essential oils of fennel, geranium and patchouli helps to decrease cravings. It starts working within 5 minutes and lasts 30 minutes to an hour.
The ball pen on the other side allows you to physically write down your thoughts when you hungry to help you analyze if you trying to compensate food for feelings. It is a great addition to any weight management program.