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The Lipo-Light, advanced body contouring system, is the latest treatment for targeting those stubborn areas. The use of specialized light combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the new and natural slimming and toning protocol. You can slim, tighten, and tone your stomach, back, buttocks, arms, chin, thighs or other desired areas.

The device uses high quality LED RED LIGHT, which has been proven to increase collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. It has also been proven that certain wavelengths such as 635 nanometer can trigger the body’s own natural ability to breakdown fat; a process called lipolysis. During this process the body can release fatty acids which are then used by the body.

The Lipo-Light is equipped with 8 LED pads enabling the practitioner to gain maximum results from each treatment. Depending on the area of the body part, it is recommended to use 4-8 pads at any one time over the treatment area.

The procedure is painless and noninvasive but you will experience the warmth of the diodes in the pads. Treatments last for a period of 30 minutes and need to be repeated at least three times per week for a period of three to four weeks. After completing the course of treatments, you can return for weekly maintenance treatments. We also offer to step on a vibration plate after Lipo-Light treatments in order to enhance the results.

Lipo-Light can be integrated into your exercise routine to boost your ability to achieve results in a faster and more effective time period.

Power Vibration Plate
You are welcome to step on The Vibration Plate after your procedure. It improves body flexibility, strength and coordination, stimulates metabolism, circulation of blood and lymphatics, thus enhancing weight loss process.

Fine-Light (Skin Rejuvenating System)

Fine-Light is a safe and revolutionary skin rejuvenation system using the latest Red LED Light Therapy technology. In just 30 minutes per session, the mask can assist your skin to display a more youthful look.

Red LED light is a powerful stimulant to the skin and is an effective way to energize the cells of the skin, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Lack of collagen and elastin in the skin’s cells can result in the fine lines and wrinkles. LED Light Therapy has a direct effect on the regeneration of the skin, penetrating the top layers of the skin, energizing the skin, producing collagen and elastin, which helps to plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Light therapy has the desired effect of rejuvenating the skin without the need for surgery, chemicals, injections or painful procedures. Referred to as the ‘No Knife Face Lift’ this technology is becoming the preferred solution for those seeking to strip away the years. It is the safest, most affordable way to achieve radiant, younger-looking skin.

Tested and evaluated by many medical professionals, the LED Light Therapytechnology was developed by NASA in the United States and continues to be the focus of reports on skin rejuvenation.  It has been used for years in numerous medical procedures, spas, the offices of aestheticians and dermatologists and consumers around the world.

Simple, effective and safe, turn back the clock now!

Acu-Clear (Skin Cleansing System)

Acu-Clear is a safe and revolutionary skin cleansing system using the latest LED Light Therapy technology. By harnessing the power of blue LED light, Acu-Clear reduces the bacteria which cause spots, reduces inflammation, clears breakouts and minimizes scarring.

It is a light and non-intrusive mask system used for 30 minutes per session. LED Light Therapy is a proven aid to skin cleanliness. The successful treatment of skin problems will benefit from a good skin regime as well as regular use of the Acu-Clear LED face mask.