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Magneto Therapy


              Say hello to our newest device, MAGNETO THERAPY (Pulse Magnetic Cellular Exercise) which provides Advanced Injury Repair and Whole Body Rejuvenation in 30 minutes or less.

Professor Harold Saxton Burr, PhD. from Yale University School Of Medicine proved that the foundation of pain, injury, and disease is an electrical imbalance. He spent 24 years researching electrical fields of organisms and discovered that measurable imbalances in the electrical field of an organ precede the onset of pathology. He discovered that "If the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest." 

Therefore, with proper electrical balance the body repair and defend itself from almost any disease and maintain metabolic functions and optimum health.

PMCE (Pulse Magnetic Cellular Exercise) provides the essential energy to repair and rejuvenate. 

Since PMCE provides your cells with vital energy, recharging should be a regular part of your wellness plan.

Just like a cell phone battery, your cells store energy to do their jobs, including repair damaged tissues or organs. The more stressed, ill or aged the body is, the more energy cells need, but the problem is, they usually can’t find that energy! That’s where PMCE comes in...If the body is always charged, it constantly keeps up with the natural life cycle. 

So using the cell phone battery analogy:
• A new cell phone can hold its charge for a few hours of talk time before it needs to be plugged in again.
• An old cell phone’s battery is different; it’s components are worn out and it can’t hold a charge for long at all.  You have to plug it in more often. Batteries with the optimal amount of chemicals and less stress hold a charge longer.
• The human body is similar to a battery.  The right mineral balance, nutrition and hydration help the body hold a charge longer. 
• Those with health challenges, injury or poor nutrition choices need more charging time because their bodies use the new energy from PMCE more quickly—their cells are starving for energy! 
• The length of time the pain relief lasts after a PMCE session tells the doctor how healthy a person’s “battery life” is. 

Everyone can benefit from Pulse Magnetic Cellular Exercise, anyone who wants to feel rejuvenated. So call us for an appointment and we will customize a package for you.

Please note that persons with electrical implants of any kind cannot use PMCE technology. 
How can my cells be exercised to health?
Why not try a safe, non-invasive delivery of energy and let the body do the rest. 

Cellular Professional caliber cables lay directly over the target area. No electricity touches the body. Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise passes through living tissue. This leaves in its wake bio-available energy. Energy to revive fully functioning cell metabolism

Results like you've never felt before. 

The Power is in the Pulse!